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Type Of Services You Can Get In Your Area

High Speed Internet

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Satellite TV & Internet Service

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Wireless / Mobility

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Types and Technologies of TV & Internet You May Get in Your Area


Fiber Internet is the newest service type in the residential market, and not as readily available yet as other wired types.

Fiber delivers the ultimate internet experience with super-fast symmetrical speeds & ultra-low latency. And more bandwidth means more consistency and reliability


Cable Internet is readily available and also popular. U.S. Cable networks cover nearly 90% of the population.

Cable Internet delivers super-fast speeds at affordable rates. With downloads up to 1.2 Gigabit, it allows for multiple devices to connect for activities such as video streaming & competitive gaming.


DSL is the most commonly available wired Internet type― especially in rural America. In most urban and suburban areas major DSL internet providers now deliver enhanced speeds by using a mix of new technologies.

For homes where fewer devices connect and usage is standard, high-speed DSL Internet is a decent choice.


Satellite internet is an ideal choice for residents of remote & rural regions where wired high-speed internet is inaccessible. If traditionally slow DSL is your only choice, satellite internet becomes a strong contender―based on its ready accessibility.

While this internet type is not the best for extensive gaming or HD video streaming, it saves the day for many people.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless is fast becoming the preferred choice of users in areas where no wired high-speed internet option is available.

On average fixed wireless internet gets you faster downloads, depicts lower latency, and is cheaper than satellite internet. This is why when no other high-speed internet option is available, Fixed Wireless wins over Satellite.

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